An International Halloween Feast Not to Miss


Halloween is yet to come and it’s already everywhere. We’ve helped you to figure out the costumes, fun activities and music. The next step is to reveal the Halloween feast. We believe Halloween is a blessed occasion not because the veil between the dead and living is loosened, but because it is a festival in the harvest season, which means a variety of food selections. Mmm!

Halloween food is usually less about the food itself and more about the presentation. To quote a Chinese saying “huà fǔ xiǔ wéi shén qí”, it is a culinary art to turn the foul and rotten into awe and wonder. However don’t worry, we have both substance and style covered this Halloween.

Carlsberg are generously sponsoring free beer (Grimbergen) for this Halloween Music Festival. They also have a booth selling four choices of beers, so get down and check them out for some eerie beery goodness.

An International Halloween Feast Not to Miss

01 Carlsberg

02 Grimbergen Beer (three flavors)

Our old friend Vita Coco will be providing non-alcohol drinks for us at our Halloween Music Festival, as let’s face it, some people become a bit scary after drinking too much alcohol. One coconut water or a soft drink can be your choice of free drink included in the ticket. Further varieties will be on sale, why not try something new?

01 Vita Coco

02 Voss Mineral Water

03 3X Voss Mineral Water


A-ONE, an American style sports bar in Dongcheng, will bring their some of their best sellers from the restaurant for you to sink your teeth into. Enjoy authentic food earning an “A” for Halloween presentation, offering a real pizzazz.

01 Meaty Mixed BBQ

02 Mini Cheese (Chicken / Beef Burritos)

03 Crackers Salad

04 Tequila Orange

05 Rum Cola

06 Gin Tonic

07 Whiskey Cola


Any Thai is located in One Mall. As an innovative Southeastern restaurant, it features an open kitchen and well-set tables and chairs. It’s suitable for parties or even going solo for a bite. Indulge in fresh flavors this Saturday.

01 Thai Fish Balls

02 Lemongrass Chicken Wings

03 Boneless Chicken Feet Salad

04 Bamboo Shrimp


Blancc desserts are based on a concept of quality, enjoying and sharing. They aim to present exquisite desserts and the joy that comes along with that. For this event, Blancc will provide Halloween themed desserts and drinks to ensure that you have a bloody good tasting experience!

01 Halloween Iced Cookies

02 Halloween Cupcake

03 Ice Lemon Tea

04 Colorful Fruit Iced Tea


Destiny Coffee is located across from DynaCity. It’s a cozy combination of a coffee shop and a restaurant with both Chinese and western food. Superbly, the coffee beans are all roasted in house. Their international chef team have created a number of special Halloween dishes all based around pumpkin as the core ingredient. Don’t be tricked into saying no to these treats!

01 Pumpkin Mochi Cake

02 Stir-fried Pumpkin with Salty Duck Egg Yolk

03 Pumpkin Sushi

04 Pumpkin Sandwich with Pickles

05 American Style Black Coffee

06 Heineken Green Tea

07 Milk Foam Matcha

08 Calpis Orange


Green Salad promises to deliver a fresh service in terms of healthy juices and salads that one would expect. Quality food, quality service and quality concept – this is what everyone is excited about. They produce delicous food and drink that is healthy but still devilishly tempting.

01 Evil’s Fruit Salad Bowl

02 Avocado Pumpkin Wrap

03 Roasted Pumpkin Croissant Sandwich

04 Black Sole Fish Pumpkin Salad

05 Mexican Spicy Beef Soup

06 Halloween-themed Cold-pressed Juice (orange+apple+lemon)

07 Evil’s Tear Cold-pressed Juice (spinach+celery+orange)


The present owners of Tapas can look back on many years of gastronomic experience and have been very observant to the trends of changing supply and demand in Dongcheng. The restaurant offers constantly changing creations courtesy of Spanish chef Alex Ortiz, at a reasonable price yet made with high quality and imported ingredients. Gourmet food lovers, stop carving your pumpkins and have a try of their hand carved ham served with tasty bread.

01 Hand Carved Ham with Bread

02Vodka & Orange

03 Vodka & Lime

04 UV Blue & Soda / 7UP


Silent Alco, the very first hidden bar in Dongguan, is mysteriously located inside an ordinary-looking restaurant. Situated on bustling Bar Street, it still maintains a quiet, modest, relaxing vibe – like a parallel world. The moment you step in, you will feel revitalized, before enjoying a uniquely tailored mix from the bartender. Silent Alco is more than a bar: it is a soulful space to step away from ordinary life. Drink in the depths of these beverages and get into the spirit of Halloween.

01 Raspberry Mule

02 Dark & Stormy

03 Classic Bellini

04 Tequila Blue Sky


The first Pizzeria Calzone was established in Portugal in 1991. Several other branches had opened throughout Europe in Spain, Germany and Sweden before 2003, the year that Pizzeria Calzone, along with a new brand for China “必萨乐” opened their first store in Dongcheng District, the heart of Dongguan city. Miguel Alves, the founder of Pizzeria Calzone and 必萨乐, recruited and trained his own team, from scratch, with a single goal: to make the best pizzas in town. Pizzeria Calzone takes great pride in using imported and authentic ingredients, preserving secret recipes. Creep toward some of the tastiest pizza this Halloween and bat away anyone who tries to steal it from you!

01 Margherita Pizza Slice

02 Pepperoni Pizza Slice

03 Hawaiian Pizza Slice

04 Sangria

05 Caipirinha

06 Mojito

Come and dig in the Halloween international feast until there is nothing left but bones!