Capture The Moment At Our Magical Christmas Village


Time flies unbelievably fast! It’s almost Christmas and our 33 Christmas Village is going to take off this Friday. Let’s take a sneak peek in advance.

A Christmas party without gifts is not a real Christmas party. This year, we are sending out a surprise gift bag for every participant. However, we won’t know what surprise is in store for you, as each gift will be wrapped up in mystery!

Let’s present the Wheel of Fortune. After you register at the entrance you need to play this game to determine whether you win your gift bag. We have so many goodies waiting for you! Christmas gadgets, game vouchers, drinks…Feel free to get into swapping mode to exchange with your friends or other partygoers. Fun!

Of course, one game is probably not enough. That’s why we’ve got you covered. Carnival games with prizes such as Buzz Wire, Hoopla, Dart a Card, and Ball in Bucket are waiting for you. Show us what you got!

HERE! Coaching will set up some fun activities for parents and kids. How does a foosball tournament sound? Winners can enjoy a free demo class within our football academy next year with coaches from Italy! Game on!

Similarly, wander around our magical Christmas Villiage on a snowy evening, chat with friends and take photos, feel as if you’re in a winter wonderland. You can check out the beautiful setting of BIG +. It will definitely level up your selfie game on your WeChat Moments.

The Christmas Market will certainly be a huge attraction. The charitable Treasures of Hope will be there. As you already know, their adorable Christmas stuffed toys and ornaments will be up for grabs so don’t miss out. You will be supporting and giving back simply by shopping and enjoying yourself!

We also have handmade purses, hats, jewelry…If you haven’t got much time to shop for Christmas gifts for the missus, bring her with you to our Christmas market and say “You pick, I pay!”

Not enough? Wait for it! Amazing food and drinks will make your Christmas wonderful. After all, ’tis the season to be jolly and gluttonous.

First of all, A-ONE will present you with their award-winning chili, a classic combination of beef, kidney beans and richness with herbs and spices. Try their Ultimate Chili Dog – it might even be the best hot dog with chili in Dongguan!

Second, we will see Destiny Coffee provide some irresistible elements. Iced X’mas Peppermint Chocolate and Hot Coffee Gingerbread Blend; have your own harmony of ice and fire.

Popular trendy dessert shop Dear Chiffon (whom we featured in our dessert cover story not so long ago) will bring you their French-style Christmas desserts. Some of them are really petite, c’est bon! Mini Mousse, Christmas Special Cup Cake… You may feel rather reluctant to eat them, because they look so pretty and perfect!

Our old friend Pizzeria Calzone will come with their festive creations. Chocolate Pizza sounds so inviting, along with Pepperoni with Peppers and Hawaiian Pizza. Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t everything that Portugal boasts. Try Portuguese Beer Superbock, it might be your new poison.

Vita Coco and War Horse will mix some novel cocktails on the spot for you. Neigh!

Here is a heads up: you have two more days to get presale tickets at 40 RMB which are only available before midnight on December 21. Door tickets are 80 RMB per person. Book NOW!