Captured Footage from Halloween


On Saturday, October 27, we had an awesome Halloween party at 33 Town. About 2,000 people showed up and made HERE!’s 13th Anniversary a phenomenon.

Now let’s look back and see how all of this came true.

Captured Footage from Halloween

One day, Billy and Ziv, our directors, gathered everyone in the office. They told us “We’ve got the green light. The Halloween Music Festival at 33 Town is on, team. We only have ten more days to get it ready. Gear up, prepare to work hard, and let’s do it!” What a short but powerful pep talk!

Everyone was committed to this task 100%. One brainstorming session after another, one meeting after another… Contacting partners, finalizing details, designing marketing materials, selling tickets, preparing publicity videos and articles etc. We didn’t work overtime, we worked all the time.

On said special day, we turned 33 Ghost Town into a brilliant showcase from early afternoon till late.

Mario, Luigi and mini Luigi, Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Snow White……all in different sizes and from different cultures. What a harmonical fusion!

When it was getting dark, tons of partygoers started lining up to get in. The first band Huo Hua lit up the night like sparkles! Later on, performances from DJ E-Panduh, DJ JJisCool, ATM, Crazy Professors, Underground and State of Euphoria literally pushed everyone into a state of euphoria! Body building and acrobatics awed the audience.

In the end, we extended the excitement and fun into different bars around Dongcheng. As we had planned, we don’t just deliver a single party but beautiful memories for you, our partners and guests in a fun event. Mission accomplished!

Stay tuned for our next big event. Don’t miss out!