Chili Cook-off: Spice up Your Life with a Hot Feast


If you have been living in Dongguan for a few years, you must have heard about the Dragons Chili Cook-off. This year, it will be on November 10 at One for the Road. Exactly one week from today!

Chili Cook-off: Spice up Your Life with a Hot Feast

For newbies: The Chili Cook-off is an annual fundraising event, created by Chris Kelly who started it eight years ago at Thirsty Dog restaurant on Bar street. Since its inception there has always been a great turnout with participants and spectators, and following the first one it became a fundraising event for the Dongguan Dragons Baseball Club, which is a free program for kids in the Dongguan community.

On November 10, starting in the morning, 12 teams will begin cooking at 9 am and chili tasting starts at 3:15 pm for the public. Six to seven American judges will select the top three teams by completing a blind tasting with a score sheet. Besides that, there will be a trophy for “The Best Theme” awarded by the organizers, and a trophy dedicated as “The People’s Choice” handed out by participants.

During the event, many items in the raffle will be given away as prizes to lucky winners and auction items will be bid on to help raise additional funds. If you can’t be there but would like to help, personal and company donations are accepted and appreciated. Darren Quon, one of the original organizers since the first Chili Cook-off, and also a coach from the Dragons, shared his views on the event: “I’m most impressed by how many people in our community come out each year to support the Dragons during the event,” he continued, “Each year the event grows bigger with more people getting involved.”

Benefits of Eating Spicy Food

1. Heart health benefits

Spicy food can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol in the body

2. Burn extra calories

3. Prevention of cancer

Capsaicin, the ingredient which makes chili peppers spicy and hot, is thought by certain experts to have anti-cancer properties.

4. Relieving pain

This is an opportunity that any chili lovers won’t want to miss! There will be spicy and non-spicy concoctions cooked at the scene by different restaurants and individual culinary professionals! Satisfy your cravings for hot, tasty food. Indulge on this “hottest day of the year” in Dongguan. Tickets are available at: One for the Road, Pizzeria Calzone, Hollywood Baby Tapas, Grateful Q, Hostaria, A-ONE, Hollywood Baby Chang’an and HERE! office.

It is going to get HOT!

If you’re a bit of a wimp when it comes to spice but you want to try out the hot stuff, here are some tips if the heat gets too much!