DG Ultimate Frisbee Fall League Week 3


Another great week of DG Ultimate’s Frisbee league is in the books as players recover from 3 intense games. A couple notables from last night:

-Disc Dragons is excited to welcome two new players to its team as Granger and Abby both joined last week.

-Lydia Kempf, the assistant captain of Frisbeasts and member of the Dongguan Mafan Club team, came out last night despite having torn her ACL from an injury at last week’s club practice. From a wheel chair on the sideline, Lydia cheered on her team and displayed what Frisbee spirit is all about.

Many league players are joining the Halloween Music Festival this Saturday wearing their uniforms. If you want to learn more about Frisbee, feel free to check out the HERE! Outdoors section and learn how to throw a disc through playing the KanJam game.

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Frisbeasts 13 – 6 Disc Dragons

Big Bang 14 – 2 Hungry Pandas

Game of Throws 12 – 4 Flickatchu

Spirit Players of the Week

Every week, teams from each match choose the play on the opposing team whose play and sportsmanship were outstanding to be the Spirit Player of the Week. Here are this week’s winners:

Gagie Wu (Hungry Pandas)

Carey Wong (Game of Throws)

Candy Luo (Big Bang)

Mona Zhou (Frisbeasts)

Tintin Luo (Flickatchu)

JM Liu (Disc Dragon)



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