If The Shoe Fits: Are You the Fitting Model ZARA’s Looking For?


ZARA is looking for full-time and part-time fitting models.


Imagine wearing shoes for a living… Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Contact ZARA and find out whether you have the right feet to be their fitting model!

想象一下, 把穿鞋子这件乐事当成工作,难道不是很棒吗?

赶紧联系ZARA,  如果您的美足和他们的美鞋能成功匹配, 你将会成为ZARA的试穿模特!


  • Female Shoe Fitting Model


  • 200 RMB per day

 Full Time: 

  • Attractive and competitive package


Size 37 and 39 female

  • Your feet must meet standard international size 37 and 39 (size 37: foot length of 238mm – Chinese size 38 / size 39: foot length of 251mm – Chinese size 40)
  • Able to communicate with foreign designers in English or Spanish

 Work Involved: 

Trying size 37 or 39 high-fashion shoes and following feedback protocol.


  • 女鞋试穿模特


  • 200元/日


  • 有吸引力和竞争力的薪酬



  • 您的脚码必须符合国际标准码37码和39码 (37码: 您的脚码必须符合国际标准码37码, 脚长238毫米左右, 国内鞋码38码; 39码: 您的脚码必须符合国际标准码39码(脚长251毫米左右, 国内鞋码40码)
  • 具备一定的英语和西班牙语基础, 能与外国设计师进行基本的沟通


试穿37码或39码各类时尚女鞋, 并遵循反馈协议。

 Contact Us: 

Email – recruitment@tempeasia.inditex.com 

 Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

1:30 pm – 6:30 pm

 Additional Notes: 

  • Our company will not ask for any additional costs
  • To comply with the building management requirement, all applicants must register at building front desk with the valid IDs
  • Please come to work with easy to wear shoes, pants, but not skirt

 Company Info: 




57F, The World Trade Center, No.11, Dongguan Avenue, Dongcheng Dongguan

Metro: Hongfu Rd Station, D1 Entrance