This Weekend in Dongguan


It’s finally the weekend again and it’s a little rainy, but that won’t stop our beloved city from giving you a fun-filled and action-packed weekend. So, scroll down, look at the posters, book what you want to book and go and enjoy yourself. No excuses!

First up is the Diwali festival. Also known as The Festival Of Lights in India, we will be celebrating it too here in Dongguan. Add the organizers’ WeChat IDs for more information and to reserve a spot.

Now, Murray’s Irish Pub remains among favorite destinations for a great time on any day of the week, and this weekend is no exception. On Saturday night, the amazing band Fire Bridge will be performing in the bar and will definitely leave you wanting more. Make sure you go, have fun and also try the food.

The Landmark Mall is having its 9th anniversary event and they are doing this with cakes. Yes, you read that right – cakes. And being them, it promises to yet again be an amazing event full of excitement and, well, cake and icing. Abandon your worries about carbs and calories, and just enjoy.

The Yulan Theater will also be the place to be this weekend, with shows for kids and adults alike. Saturday night sees The Legend Of Xiangxiang being performed from 8 pm and on Sunday you can catch The Coquettish Diva from 8 pm – for premier entertainment, don’t miss out on any of these shows.

And if you’re into classical and chamber music, head on down to the International Hall in Songshan Lake’s Everbright WE Valley this Sunday at 7:30 pm, as the renowned SSL Orchestra will be performing live. Magical.

All this and more await you and friends or family this weekend. Check out the posters below, make plans and enjoy – it’s gonna be yet another memorable weekend in Dongguan.