Watch Out! Belly Busters Comedy Club Comes to Dongguan


For expats, a comedy performance is pretty easy to find back home: theaters, cinemas, bars, even on the street. However, to find one in Dongguan is like a needle in a haystack—of course Dongguan has comedy performances—but language barrier is something that most expats are put off by, and culture difference is another thing.

For those reasons, some may think we can’t easily access or enjoy comedy in Dongguan—but no! Luckily, that isn’t the case. Belly Busters Comedy Club, a foreign comedy club was found a couple of months ago by Jordan Sherman, David Kundelius and Jerome Bryant. Watch out for their belly-busting comedy as you may laugh so hard your abs will ache.

November 14 was their first show at Grateful Q, around 20 people obtained the limited seats for a fun night with dinner and performers’ exclusive gags.

For their first performance with original material, David considered his most impressive moment as “Seeing genuine laughter at the first one.” For Jordan, he commented, “Keeping it together under the pressure of the moment!” while Jerome had the similar idea “Performing the way we did as amateurs, doing so well under pressure!”

So far, the club is in the early stages with three members and four to five potential comedians practicing. In the future, there will be monthly performances and the next one will be on December 12 at Grateful Q. Stay tuned!