What Are Your Thoughts on the Chongqing Bus Crash?


What Are Your Thoughts on the Chongqing Bus Crash?

On October 28, a bus in Chongqing swerved into oncoming traffic before hurtling off the side of a bridge, killing all 15 people inside. Camera footage later recovered from the wreckage showed that just before the crash, a female passenger on the bus started fighting with the driver, who refused to stop the bus to let her off after she missed her stop. She started hitting him, he raised an arm to defend himself and to hit her back…and then he lost control, and the bus went off the bridge.

It is without a doubt, a terrible tragedy. But it is one that has generated a lot of discussion, debate, and argument. For example, who should be held primarily responsible? The woman, for hitting the driver while he was driving…or the driver for taking his attention off the road, and his hand off the steering wheel? Are the other passengers innocent or responsible?

There are even more issues that should be discussed. For example, the families of the people who died on the bus have been told that they can sue the families of the bus driver, and the woman. Is this ‘justice’? The families of those two had nothing to do with it, is it fair to add the phenomenal burden of legal battles and crippling financial costs, on top of the loss of their loved ones?

However, what can be done to prevent such incidents in the future should be most important. Should there be some sort of safety cage around drivers, to protect them in such situations? Improved standards in hiring and training drivers? Increased punishments for passengers who interfere with the driver?

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