8 Essentials for An American Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving Day is one of the most well-known western holidays in China yet far less commercial than Halloween and Christmas. Most Chinese people only have limited knowledge of Thanksgiving and regard it literally. Getting together and expressing gratitude at a BBQ party doesn’t make it a real Thanksgiving, although we all know how much Cantonese people love BBQs. For Americans, a Thanksgiving without a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is just another ordinary day in the year.

8 Essentials for An American Thanksgiving Dinner

So what makes an authentic American Thanskgving dinner, that makes a real Thanksgiving Day?

There are eight essentials. Want to try them all? Come to HERE!’s Thanksgiving Dinner with your family on November 22 at A-ONE. Scroll down to reserve your spots!

No.1: Turkey


Turkey is indigenous to North America but unfamiliar with Chinese, who may have heard a lot about it though never tasted any. It is a little tougher than chicken, and always roasted. And there is a special chemical called tryptophan in turkey, which will make you feel drowsy. The drowsiness after a fulfilling dinner is so satisfying!

No.2: Gravy


As mentioned above, the texture of turkey may be a little tough for Chinese, probably a little dry too. That’s why you need gravy to smother the turkey in. You can also put some gravy over your mashed potatoes – delicious!

No.3: Potatoes


Mashed potatoes are commonly seen in a western style restaurant. However, have you tried mashed potatoes soaked in gravy? The deliciousness of velvety mashed potatoes is unmissable.

No.4: Stuffing


It’s called stuffing however it can be cooked in the turkey or just baked alongside. It is a mixture of chopped up white or corn bread with a variety of vegetables, seasoned with salt, pepper and sage, and any other spices.

No.5: Pies


Apple pies, pecan pies and pumpkin pies rank the top three choices. At HERE!’s All-You-Can-Eat Thanksgiving buffet, mini pumpkin pies will be specially devised in the right size for you to gobble down. You can enjoy a mouthful or three with sweetness and crunch.

No.6: Something Orange

Something Orange

To represent a fruitful harvest, something orange is necessary on Thanksgiving. People usually will pick one among carrots, yams or pumpkins. Creamy squash soup will be served at HERE!’s Thanksgiving dinner. As our American culinary consultant Michelle put “It’s a family tradition that I learnt from my mother in her kitchen. I always prefer simple homemade food to fancy gourmets.”

No.7: Veggies


Usually people serve brussel sprouts and green beans. However, brussel sprouts’ unique bitterness is not favorable for Chinese. A-ONE chefs will cook some mixed vegetables to suit your tastebuds.

No.8: Cranberries


The last but not the least. Cranberry sauce takes the starring role of all essentials for cranberries have a tart flavor, which can compliment the sweetness of certain foods. And you may be glad to know the fact that many health professionals recommend cranberries to support urinary health. Tasty and can support your health and well-being!

On top of the authentic Thanksgiving Dinner at A-One, you can have some value-added American traditions: watching live sport games, breaking a wishbone or watching some selected Thanksgiving movies with your kids. Relax and take it easy with our HERE! family on November 22 at A-ONE! Buy tickets now!